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The Musketeers Sezonul 3 Episodul 2

The Musketeers Sezonul 3 Episodul 2 Online Subtitrat

The Musketeers Sezonul 3 Episodul 2 iti este oferit gratuit pe net subtitrat in romana. Calitatea acestui episod este cea mai buna (Full HD).

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The corrupt Governor of Paris conspires with the Duke de Beaufort, primary provider of food for Paris, to stage a robbery of the city’s granary and pin it on the refugees, only to later sell the stolen grain back to the King at an inflated price. D’Artagnan is taken captive along with the rioting refugees, and the other Musketeers (along with D’Artagnan’s wife Constance, now in charge of the Musketeer garrison) must rescue them from the hands of the Red Guard before they are executed.

Vizualizari: 838

Serial: The Musketeers

Titlu episod: The Hunger

Data aparitie: 2016-06-04