Si no t’hagués conegut

Si no t’hagués conegut Serial Online Subtitrat HD

Serialul online Si no t’hagués conegut iti este oferit gratuit spre vizionare. Poti vedea toate episoadele acestuia la cea mai buna calitate si fara limitari.

Eduard, a husband and father who loses his family in a tragic accident, travels to parallel universes to seek a better fate for his beloved wife.

If I Hadn’t Met You on Netflix tells the heartbreaking story of a father who loses his entire family and no longer wants to live.

However, his outlook on life changes after he is given the chance to travel to an alternate world where his family are still alive.

The series will follow him as he travels to alternative universes where his life plays out in different circumstances.

If I Hadn’t Met You raises huge questions about the power of fate, love and the meaning of life and death.

Status Serial: Ended